My business, or what I have done to make a living was a commercial fisherman, I have Fished for Albacore Tuna, King, and Bairdi Crab, Opilio, and Hair-Crab, and Blue Crab, I fished Cod, Pollock and Pacific Whiting over the some 43 plus years, I worked on the F/V GEM, tas a kid, and then the F/V Mar/Gun for a short spell, and than the Fury boats the F/v Nordic Fury, but mostly the Pacific Fury, which I eventually became a Captain, and share-holders in tverios Fishing Vessels. And other than nearly killing me several times, it also saved my life...several times,iit turned out alright, and I've been lucky enough to retire now. Its not for all of us, but it definitely is for some of us, for waking up at the job-was the best way that I made it to work....but seriously- I don't know what else I would have doe-it was exciting, paid well, better perhaps 25 years ago, and now is as  safe as its ever been.....I have not forgotten all the lost lads. It's a way of life, and there's a million was to live it. Live Right, Live Free, Work Hard, to you gand live easier when you get old.

It's been sain the difference between a Sea Story and a fairy Tail, it that the Sea story story off "This ain't no bullshit", .....if ya get my drift.....Ya just gotta like the action.

 I have had the honor, to fish with and along side of some of the greatest people in the wold, there are a lot of tough nuts, but some of the best guys to work with too, we watched out after each other, I miss it. The industry was made from had charging, determined Men but also drew in some individuals that, lets say-just don't fit in to the city life, and daily grind of land life, in the sea- ya only have to deal  with so-many individuals, and you learn to watch each others back- and work with each other- we all have out idiosyncrasies, and guys that had say, a bad tour in the service,, in the military, some out casts, and some on the run, some of us didn't like the crowds of the city, the drive to work,and don't do well out there, it is a tight nit community, I knew as a very young age I wanted to work on the water, I wanted to measure up to my Dad and my brother, at one point all of us were on the same boat...I may be the last of a generation of fisherman- but there was like 4 in my family. God bless them, and all on the water making a living.