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Still a long process...

Posted by MarkoftheMilitary@gmail.com on March 30, 2020 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm sorry this is taking so long to rebuild this site, its very much in the update mode, I'm doing it, best I can resizing every picture to a minimum, and still see whats in it, then add the stories-many that are missing, and I have to rewhite, some only on site have to be moved- and they dissappear sometimes, so I look it up and try to put that in my own words, and so on....but it is coming together and maybe at the end of 4-5 months this will be where it was before I had to split, and then make 2 sites, but been fighting this thing since day one, I just want to show the uniform collection, and tell the story of what the are or represent anyways....so bear with me, if you liked the old site, this should be better, and more organized.

I have been bouncing between this sites (Vietnam and Cold War Sections) and the other site's German updates. So the 'Air-Assault' section here has been in the up-date mode for months is nearly done, some to actully take pictures of really, but like 90% done there, and been sorting a large pile of post WWII Dress uniforms, take my picture in-send me home types of jackets, but all interesting and have a story, So I work on the site nearly every night, hopfully it all comes together fairly quickly now, stay safe, and take care.


I realize now I've used this picture with several explanations of different uniforms in the collection-but I think it's an awsome shot.

Moving along with editing, pictures and stories:

Posted by MarkoftheMilitary@gmail.com on March 29, 2020 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Been adding to the Vietnam era sections, mostly Special Forces personnel, and Advisors to the ARVN, as well as some of the Helicopter-Flight Crewman ave been getting updated, but a lot of time and work to be done here yet.


Posted by MarkoftheMilitary@gmail.com on March 23, 2020 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Well well, as my parinoia builds, and my family tries to keep working, I sit and ponder the odds of it all....when it arived here off the get-go- 3 weeks ago- I was like everyone-its a nasy gold, Im tought...and we'll be alright to I'm afaid to see my own family and grand-kids....my wife works for a job-that just wont close the doors, not gonna happen, so I'm sweating bullets, as the numbers all over go up as more testing is done odds better or worse....its all different levels of bad. I'm not likeing this, one daughter is stuck in Texas- far away from Washingtone here...and all really have been on planes here and there, or in my case a road trip...I just hoe all you that read my stuff here, and look at the site- stay safe- be wise, and think ahead, don't panic but this is real, and its serious, and if not you- you could infect your elers, kill them even, and not even know you had Caronavirus. So, God works in mistreious way-hope its not time to start over again- as we've been pretty good about destroying our world in out lifetime....Stay safe, tink safe, and watch out for others. To think people in there 60's can die like this so easy, is troubling, may of us have already doged so many bullets so to speak. I think of it really as dodging big waves I guess- some hit hard....now this, scares me, so, I'll be working on this site and the other trying to finish them up to some extendt, ans doing other hobbies I suspect,....a drink or two may be in line maybe, hang in there people, take care of your selfs and you family, God Bless.


I have addeded a dozen more uniforms in the US stuff, a and starting to fill in the stories too, sence the Re-Edits and splitting of the site into two different websites...that in itself a was a lot for this old boy, hopefully the stories got better, and as well as the spelling-beleave it or not- I do use the spell check....I'll keep trying to get this all right.


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