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Posted by MarkoftheMilitary@gmail.com on May 5, 2019 at 2:00 AM

Some more Vietnam Era Foot Soldiers have been added tonight...These new additions- may be a bit duller than what's been seen in the recent past, I dont have this site to show the evil of war, or teach why we have war (All the Time) just, I don't know, I find it amazing, yung men are still, aving to make the decision's, to kepp marching off for the polititians wars,in the name of God, Country, Duty, and Honor, and all who have done sohave the right to say something about it, I do not see a good end to the world, tell we all, stop killing each other, instead of fixing, cleaning up, and saving this old beat up world. The Collection, represents, and is in large save peices and bits from collections and, saved from the garboge cans, much of the isignia is the real suff, some of the uniforms, are as well, just referbished you may say, and updated, or were plain, and made to represent bits out of the collections of badges and patches and caps etc. the site I realize by telling each soldiers story-what I can find out, all the folders fall into place and the the stories of WWII and Vietnam, maybe the Korean Conflict is coming as well...., so these , some of the final American Army uniforms I think for a while, there still is a number of things - on the shelf you may say, final bits coming together....these finnaly get onto the site, the stories will be added at another point...we have a 1st Cavalry Division, Corperal,all these fellows are 'Ground-Pounders', that is Infantrymen,  We have a new 9th Infantry Division, Mobil Riverine Troop, A  new 196th Infantryman, theres a  new 199th light infantry Soldier and a Americal Infantryman in there too, and now there out of order......

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