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Posted on May 27, 2020 at 10:45 PM

OK, I have chopped this site in half, originally it covered the entire collection, from USA, England, Germany Ect. but I had run out of room, so now this id the US. and its allies uniforms that I have, and the German Site (with Italian and Volunteers too) and its all WWII, this  (US.) Uniform Site-goes from WWII To the present, (But mostly WWII Stuff). The sites (both) now ar in a re-edit presentation-there are a lot of missing pictures, and/or stories....this is what I am working on in my spare time, but putting a lot of hours in on it-will be months befor this site is at the acceptible level- bear with me....this is a lot of information, and a ton of work....but hopefully if your a modeler, collector or into the history and stories in here, any case hope you enjoy it. 


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