Keeping busy:

Posted on September 6, 2020 at 12:50 AM

I have have been busy  With family and home stuff, and still hard at the re-organixing of my storage of these uniforms, in our crawl space / basement...thats another story, but both sites the-military-mark.com and the-german-military-mark.com I have been working on and re-sorting out, re-writing in many cases, and editing again....I know my spelling sucks! Some times still adding pictures as I go too, sorry they seem very 'newbie' or unprofesinal look, just doing this myself, no schooling, I learn as I go, but I'm getting it. Hope you enjoy them at any rate, and eventully it will all come together, and I can get on with maybe selling them? Just explaning the situation of these sites, and get on with the historys being told threw my uniform collections.  Mark Stone.

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