Part #3, Army Tank Crewman WWII : Part #3, Army Tank Crewman WWII : 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. Then Turning north, the 5th Division surrounded the Germans still in Normandy by advancing, through Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe, then liberated on 11 August, then moved to the edge of the city of Argentan on 12 August?8 days before the Argentan-Falaise Gap was closed, encompassing a huge amount of the German Forces in the area., though a gap was forced open, allowing some to escape. 206060332 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. After turning Argentan over to the 90th Infantry Division, the 5th Armored advanced some 80 miles to capture the Eure River Line at Dreux on 16 August. Bitter heavy fighting was encountered in clearing the Eure-Seine corridor, another trap in France. 206059194 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. The 5th passed through Paris 30 August to spearhead V Corps drive through the Compiègne Forest, and across the Oise, then Aisne, and Somme Rivers, finally reaching the Belgian border at Condé, 2 September. 206059193 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. The division then turned east, advancing 100 miles in 8 hours, and crossed the Meuse at Charleville-Mézières, on Sept. 4. And the quickly past Sedan, it liberated Luxembourg City on the 10th then deployed along the German border. 206060330 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. The reconnaissance squadron of the division sent a patrol across the German border on the afternoon of 11 September they were the first of the Allies to cross the Enemy Frontier. On 14 September, the 5th penetrated threw the Siegfried Line at Wallendorf, and they there they stayed, until the 20th, drawing off the enemy reserves from the Aachen area. 206059198 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. In October they held the defensive positions in the Monschau-Hofen area. The 5th Armored Division followed suit with the 3 sided - 3 color triangle patch adaption of the Armor patch, the 3 colors I assume for 'Armor Operations' Absorbing the branches of Cavalry / Artillery / Infantry organizations to make the Tank Corp work like a spear head. 206059195 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. Then the Division came to the Hurtgen Forest battle area in late November and they pushed the enemy back, to the banks of the Roer River, Involved again in very heavy fighting. On 22 December it was withdrawn to Verviers and placed in 12th Army Group reserve. I think the Khaki and Blue rank insignia was intended for use with the khaki summer / tropical uniforms, or khaki shirt and the olive and blue-on olive uniforms...but doesn't seem to hold up in practice, I've heard it was for Army and Army Air Cops identification-that does not seem true either to me. 206059197 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. With the Uniform's Worm, Short Jacket and Trousers, there was all kinds of gloves worn, many non issue, these are pilots gloves, with snap closure at the wrist. Of course there was various boots and leggings worn as well 206059199 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. With or on its own, this style winter helmet was often seen, as with likely a web belt with canteen and 45 auto on it, on the helmet goggles were often held in place. As can be seen, there is a large flap on the back-that kept rain, and grit off your neck when the hatch was open, and a chin strap was on the cap too, for use when not with the helmet over it. 206059196 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. Crossing the Roer on 25 February 1945 the 5th at the forefront, Spearheading the XIII Corps drive to the Rhine, and crossed the Rhine at Wesel, on 30 March. The Division reached the banks of the Elbe River, at Tangermunde, 12 April, they were now just 45 miles from the Third Reich's Capitol City, Berlin. 206059202 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. The Steel Pot itself, for years looked just like this, threw World War Two, and into Vietnam, and later even. The 5th Armored Division's losses in WWII, included 570 killed in action, 2,442 wounded in action, and 140 who died of wounds. The Tank Crew, did quite often use the steel helmet, generally without a cloth cover, or netting, but some guys just did not like the Tanker Helmet per say, so with independent headsets worn underneath the helmet, went this wrought. 206059201 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. And on the 16 April, the 5th moved to Klotze to wipe out the Von Clausewitz Panzer Division, and then again drove to the Elbe, this time in the area of Dannenberg. The division mopped up in the Ninth Army sector until the end of the War, on VE-day. This again is but one of the styles of uniform worn by the American Tanker. 206059203 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. This hopefully give you an idea how these were worn at times. The 5th Armored. division was inactivated on 11 October 1945, reactivated in 1950, and inactivated for the final time in 1956. There Tanks, were in fact often rebuilt and re-used against the enemy, as opposed to the Men in them, who paid the price of a industrialized, simple design of there vehicle....compared to there enemy's Tanks. Volume over quality eventually proving to be a key in winning the war, at the price of a great deal of American Blood. 206059204 5th Armored Division, Tank Crewman. Most Steel-Pot had liners much like this, and by now have been modified time and again, the helmets being made in various forms too, and can been pointed out by a expert by special seems and folds in the metal, and like seen here their liners, used by other country's-post war, and varying in there use, in the paratroopers, and rangers, infantry, Types of Paint, etc. 206059200 Tankers 'Fur-lined' Winter Cap: This was pretty common as well-a winter tanker hood, here with a clear lens on the goggles, I have the or four of these-all just a bit different, more for use in colder areas. 206060331 Here the fur lining of the canvas like cold weather tankers hood 206060333