Army of the Cold War of the 1950's and 1960's: Army of the Cold War of the 1950's and 1960's: 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: Again, here the WWII story will be told, we'll pick up the 4th's story after the war, this division returned to the United States, that was in July 1945, They would Garrison at Camp Butner in North Carolina. And they started their training to ready themselves for the inevitable deployment to the Pacific. But then a surprising end of the war came, and the 4th was inactivated on 5 March 1946. 206150742 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: It was reactivated and re-tooled for a training division at Fort Ord, California in 15 July 1947, Then on 1 October 1950, the division was redesignated as a combat division at Fort Benning, Georgia. In May 1951 it deployed to Germany as the first of four Divisions being committed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the early years of the Cold War. 206150743 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: The division headquarters was at Frankfurt. After a five-year tour in Germany, the division redeployed to Fort Lewis, Washington in May 1956. The division was replaced in Germany by the 3rd Armored Division as part of an Operation Gyroscope deployment. The division was reduced to zero strength, the colors were transferred to Fort Lewis, Washington, and the division was reestablished by reflagging the 71st Infantry Division (which itself had just returned from Alaska) on 15 September 1956. 206150744 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: The division was reorganized into a Pantomimic Division on 1st of April 1957 . The Division's three infantry regiments, the 8th, 12th and the 22nd, was then inactivated, their remaining elements were reorganized into five infantry battle groups. 206150749 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: Beginning in October 1963, the division started a complete reorganized in the 'Reorganization Objective Army Division' (ROAD) system. Three Brigade Headquarters were then activated and the Infantry elements were reorganized into battalion size, and started training to function as so. 206150750 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: The lineages of the Tank Companies within the Battalion continue today's with the 66th and 67th Armor Regiments in the 4th Infantry Division. Originally the 6th Tank Battalion was assigned to the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, in Texas, then was sent to Korea 1950's to serve with the 24th Infantry Division. 206150745 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: The 4th Infantry Division deployed from Fort Lewis to Camp Enari, Pleiku,Republic of Vietnam on the 25 September 1966. That story you can follow into the 'Vietnam-Infantry Section (Albums). 206150746 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: The Division was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado from 1970 through 1995. They had continued their training for Cold War missions. In the process they have been re-formed into a Mechanized Infantry Division, and regularly did high speed deployment over seas mass deployment operations to Europe, Participating in the annual 'REFORGER' exercises as a real deterrent they hoped to the Communist threat. 206150747 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: In 1976 the Division's 4th Brigade was established and permanently stationed forward at Wiesbaden, West - Germany, they were called 'Brigade 76' and remained there until 1984 when they were inactivated. 206150748 4th infantry Soldier mid 1950's: It had been during their time in Fort Carson that the Division assumed the nickname, the "Ironhorse". This uniform depicts that of one used during the later 50's when the WWII uniform was being phased out. The Fourth's Story continued on, and the Division was still activated as of late., I don't have enough uniforms though to tell all of these Divisions and Regiments to show all the changes of uniforms. 206150751