US. Army, Europe, Post War: US. Army, Europe, Post War: 7th Army in the 2nd World War. The Division would make a name for itself n Sicily, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland, the Ardennes-Alscale, and in Central Europe. And then the stayed in Western Germany on 'Occupation Duty there (1945-46). 206200840 7th Army in Post War Germany: On V-E Day, there was sixty-one U.S. divisions, like -1,622,000 men, in Germany under command of Eisenhower,in the total of Europe, 3,077,000 Troops of all commands. Soon they all became a overwhelming - occupation, The Soldiers were in charged with maintaining the law and keeping order while establishing a clear Allied military presence of the defeated German Nation. 206150810 7th Army in Post War Germany: The Seventh Army was formed during World War II, and at its end came under command of 'United States Army Europe' or simply (USAREUR) refining itself threw 1950's and 1960's. It had served in North Africa, Italy, the Mediterranean and through France and into Germany fighting from 1942 into 1945. 206150812 7th Army in Post War Germany: Lieutenant General George S. Patton, receiving command of 7th Army for Operation Torch, made and amphibious landing at the long-low grade beach at Morocco up against the Vichy French Forces as part of the Western Task Force. Being the first all-U.S. force to enter the European war. He came up against the the forces under General Rommel in North Africa. I Armored Corps was redesignated the Seventh Army on 10 July 1943 while underway, and with the invasion fleet, making way to Sicily, being slated as the spearhead of Operation Husky. 206150811 7th Army in Post War Germany: The fought their way across Sicily in the famous, costly race to Palermo and then Messina. This had been a magnificent feat, they then began preparations for there part in the invasion of France by way of the Mediterranean coast they would be the forward element of Operation Dragoon in August of 1944. 206150817 7th Army in Post War Germany: They then moved against a retreating German Army north, and then west toward the Alsace. They were later absorbed into the new formation of Sixth Army Group by middle of September. Then in January of 1945 it repelled a last minute fanatical attack by a fierce group of last resort troops in a futile counter-offensive the German's would know as Operation Nordwind, by the middle of March they had take control of the region. 206150815 7th Army in Post War Germany: They then would go on to Operation Undertone that was launched March 15,where the US. Seventh Army fought its way across the Rhine and into Nazi Germany, and proceeded into the city of Nuremberg and then captured Munich, some of their forward elements reached into Austria then crossed the Brenner Pass into Italy on May 4, just before the wars end war's end, May 8, 1945 would come to be known as VE-Day (Victory in Europe). 206150813 7th Army in Post War Germany: This Uniform Blouse represents the period as the Cold War's Seeds were planted, that was in March of 1946, there in Germany. They were again temporarily reactivated in Atlanta.Georgia. But it was quickly deactivated again. 206150814 7th Army in Post War Germany: It was once again reactivated by the United States European Command (EUCOM). They were Headquarters at Patch Barracks, in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany, on 24 November 1950. There assignment was with command and ground service forces of United States Army Europe (USAREUR). 206150816 NATO, a compromise for peace. On 30 November 1966, the 7th Army was relocated from Patch Barracks to Heidelberg. It followed a stem of French disagreements some of the NATO policies, So the United States European Command then relocated itself from Paris but it took a year. 206201608 It takes many parts to make the Army. From that time forward the Seventh Army was the headquarters for all the US. Army elements in the European Command. Its major subordinate elements at that time were V Corps and VII Corps (that was Inactivated 1992.) 206201609