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A Collection of Military Uniforms WWII through the present day.​​

Nothing I have here from my collection has to do anything with white extremist Movements, or for any prejudiced groups to use, nor am I involved in any, I am just a historian, and I collect historical uniforms. We do not condone or wish to glorify any extremist regimes of the period such as the Third Reich or any other Cults or Illegal functions that have grown since then. I have collections of uniforms, insignia, medals that have been in storage for years, and I have decided maybe this is the way to display them without having to need a big showhouse. Some people show interest, so I can perhaps teach a little history, tell some stories, and paint some historical time frame by doing so, Just trying to show the collection, and see if there is any interest in them. I have an American, and a German Uniform site. That will go for sale at some point in the near future, and want to see if anybody would like to buy them from me, as a set, to museums, or individuals, I intend to show them here, and tell a story of what they represented, 99% are reconstructions, yet many have real items on them be it badges, insignia, or material. I wish no harm on any Religious groups or Individual people. I understand Europe does not allow the German symbols anymore, please block them out if using them, I'd like to show them as they were, who used them, where they were used, and to display them for use for historians, collectors, and maybe model builders and artists use only. Thank You.