This is my Master Uniform builder, modifier, and advisor, having many years under his belt working in the business, Nearly every uniform on my sit has either had work on it, or advising from him on it. Work with him, he will do you right. He is an expert on the WWII German era history, uniforms real and reenactment, the works, and very shart on the US. Military of WWII and Vietnam War era uniforms as well


              Check Out Cyrus Lee at   www.soldat.com

This is one of his own interesting releases, its about the Pets, Mascots, and War dogs of the 3rd Reich.

The US. Army, US. Army Air Force, US. Air Force, US. Navy, US. Marine Corps, Vietnam War WAC, WASP, Nurse Corps, US. Coast Guard, WWII, and the Korean War, to the Vietnam War.