Some of my models:

  OK Now this stupid WEBS has taken all my model pictures out? Really getting fed up with this constant editing? 

Standard 4x4 truck of the German Arm, with flak gun mounted on the back of it.

Tiger I Ausf E. Mid-Production Variant: (1)


Panzer IV Ausf G,


Panzer III Ausf D.


Panzer IV Ausf G, Winter Tracks: 


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   StuG II Ausf G. with waffle pattern zimmerit: 



Flack Wagon (20mm):


Tiger I with Panzergrenadiers on the back....



Panzer III Ausf L, with Engine problems....


Porsche's model-Tiger II...Not really a Porsche, but the version has adopted the name.


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The Models:

They are all in 1/35 scale, pretty small, so when the photograph is blown up, they look bad, but if your old, and fussy eyed like me, well I'm happy with these ones, some of my better models I've put together, keeps me out of trouble. Here is a Lend-Lease Matilda-in Russian use. A Matilda Expeditionary Service Vehicle, A M24 in Korea, a couple M113's and ARVN on and M113 A-CAV in M47 n Germany 1950's, UH-1 Huey Gunship and  a LOCH in Vietnam.

Ya know I really have a bunch more of these I gotta take pictures of and get on here one day...

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