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A Collection of Military Uniforms WWII through the present day.​​

I do not really have them up for sale at this time, but we can talk, no 99.9% of these are not the real one, these are copies of real uniforms for the historical record as close as me and a few others have been able to make them, the blurb on the end about-how they are obtained, is generally a bi far fetched-and is for the effect. but will be adding some uniforms up for sale from time to time, It's about representing that uniform, that point in history. the ones that are (Real) are generally marked as such, Thank you for looking even if your not interested in buying any, I get that. If you are really interested drop me a line and I'll see what I may be able to do, I will try to put a list of items at some point when I no longer have time, or the patients to put them together anymore. I have tried to make them look as they would today, as if thy were 30-50 70 years old. I general, call them aged, but good shape. some like new, others were in tough shape when I got them. There kept in plastic tubs, in a crawl space under the house- but its warm and dry. Thing is there is all kinds m​oney wrapped up in these darn things, so I'm not going to give them away either... I may open to talking. See Contact Me. [email protected] I Understand that they may be donated to museums some day or sold in bulk, auctions.., but-frankly I'm not getting any younger- and they have to go at some point. Hope ya like them, they have helped you if you were researching something, or a history buff, Enjoy the site, and I have 4 books out there now too.

                                                            Mark Stone.

Uniforms up for sale: